Dmitry Chulov
Dmitry Chulov


I’m Dmitry CHULOV, professional travel journalist, photographer, blogger and traveller. From the end of the last century I’ve travelled around half of the world and at this century I’m planning to visit another half.

You are visiting my Blog site, which at the moment is in Russian only. If you would like to visit my Photography site, you are welcome to download and license images, buy prints and products or just browse through galleries of my photos from around the world.

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E-mail: dchulov@rambler.ru

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About Dmitry CHULOV

Dmitry CHULOV is a professional travel photographer, journalist, blogger and traveller based in Moscow, Russia.

His extensive experience include 16 years working as a reporter, presenter and producer for the travel program “Their traditions” at NTV Russian National TV channel , documentaries for CNN-Turk, articles and photos for the leading Russian travel magazine “Around the world” as well as many other magazines and inflight media, numerous trips to the well known destinations and remote parts of the planet.

He filmed cities and desert of Yemen and volcanic craters of Reunion, arctic settlements at Spitsbergen and National parks in Chile, suburbs in Bangladesh and UNESCO World Heritage sites around the world.

Dmitry CHULOV took part in countless international travel promotion campaigns with National Tourism Organizations and Ministries of Tourism of many countries, including:

Visit Finland, Switzerland Tourism, Visit Norway, German National Tourism Organization, ENIT, Ministry of Tourism of Greece, Malta Tourism Authority, Visit Poland, Ministry of Tourism of Spain, Catalan Tourist Board (CTB); Tourism Authority of Thailand, Ministry of Tourism of Laos, Malaysia Tourism Board, China National Tourism office, Visit Hong Kong, Macau Government Tourist Office, Korea National Tourism Organization, Bangladesh Tourism Board, Visit Sri Lanka; Ministry of Tourism of Dominican Republic, Costa Rica Tourism board (ICT), Ministry of Tourism of Cuba; Go Israel, Visit Jordan, Moroccan National Tourist office, Mauritius Tourism Authority, Visit Chile and others.

Dmitry CHULOV received awards from travel authorities and associations of different countries for his outstanding reportages, images and articles. He lectures on modern and travel journalism in Moscow State University.

If you are interested, you can read an interview in English with Dmitry Chulov at Happy Bondi online magazine for adventurers.